Earlier this year in February, after winning the ‘TK’ Scholarship, I had the opportunity to travel to the UK to train with some of the most famous clubs in the world. Within the first 24 hours of arrival, I was eager to somehow get tickets to the Manchester City v Tottenham Spurs game. Thanks to… Read More

PFT was very pleased to have one of the best, young goalkeepers coaches in the UK coming to visit us in June 2016. Paul Clements (currently based at Huddersfleid Town FC) visited Melbourne from Thu 9th June until Sun 19th June. During his time here Paul met & trained our PFT goalkeepers in his many clinic sessions… Read More

PFT recently completed its third GK tour travelling to the UK and Spain. The two previous trips only visited the UK but this tour spent 10 days in the UK visiting football clubs, seeing games, doing stadium tours and completing some sightseeing as well as spending 10 days in Spain. We arrived in the UK… Read More

PFT is taking names for the 2018 UK and Spain trip. From the amazing success of the 2016 trip we are already looking for eight young (14-18 year old) goalkeepers to attend this impressive tour in 2018. The trip is scheduled for the April school holidays 2018. The tour will follow a similar format to… Read More