Roy Hunter

Director / Head Coach

  • UEFA B Goalkeeping (Lilleshall UK)
  • Completing FFA Level 3 goalkeeper Course 2015/2016
  • AFC B Outfield (Singapore)


I started PFT with two goalkeepers in 2002. I decided early on that I wanted to have the best, most professional dedicated goalkeeper academy in Australia. I also made sure we aligned ourselves to some of the best goalkeeper coaches and coaching’ techniques in the world and that I have also worked very hard to get the highest coaches qualifications available, to be the best I can be.

I love doing what I do and seeing the goalkeeper talent evolve in all goalkeepers I work with.

PFT is a great academy with excellent, dedicated coaches and fantastic kids (and Parents!), I look forward to coming to work every day.

Peter Zois

Director / South East Zone Manager

  • FFA Level 2 Goalkeeping
  • Completing FFA Level 3 goalkeeper Course 2015/2016
  • AFC / FFA B Outfield


I joined PFT in 2008 soon after I returned to Australia after playing in Holland. I wanted to begin my coaching career and Roy gave me the opportunity with PFT.

I was looking to be part of something special with something that I was proud to be a member of. I set my sights in attaining the highest coaching qualifications (still ongoing!) and not only improving myself as a coach but to also give the opportunity to all of our keepers develop and get to a higher level.

PFT has now become a part of me and I have become a part of PFT.

Alfonso Cardinale (Fonz)

Senior Coach / Southern Zone Manager

  • FFV Youth Goalkeeper Qualification


I joined PFT as a GK in 2005 and it was a start of a special friendship with Roy Hunter. I trained with Roy for about a year to learn his great methods of coaching to developing my skills as a GK. As our friendship grew stronger Roy asked me if I would like to coach for PFT and get my coaching badges. I accepted and I never looked back.

Now I have started my own Zone. (Southern Region) and working very hard to build in the area. Long live PFT.

Codey Larkin

Senior Coach

  • FFV Community Certificate


I have grown up surrounded by Football, and I am a passionate and enthusiastic ambassador of the sport. I have now made the transition from playing football to coaching.

During my playing days I was fortunate enough to experience the elite aspects of the game in Australia by being apart of the NTC, AIS, and A-League (Adelaide United). This taught me a lot and has inspired me to pass on the knowledge I have acquired to young aspiring goalkeepers. I have been with PFT since 2011 and I intend to stay around for a long time to come.

PFT has, and does, allow me to develop as a coach by providing a detailed curriculum and a set of principles that fosters a high level of coaching within the academy. Consequently, this provides a tried and proven development pathway for all PFT goalkeepers.

Daniel Neesham

Senior Coach / Southern Zone Co Manager

  • FFV Community Certificate


After playing in the Victorian Premier League for many year, I got an opportunity of joining PFT as a coach and eventually running the PFT South East zone.

PFT has given me great opportunities to development as a coach. Working with experienced PFT coaches such as Roy and Peter, plus having the opportunity of working alongside professional EPL coaches such as Eric Steele and Davis Coles over the last 7 years has definitely made me a better coach.

Working at PFT I get a great opportunity weekly to coach some very talented goalkeepers and it is great to see the Technical, Tactical, Physical and Psychological improvements in their game and personality come along.

Sebastian Mattei

Senior Coach

  • FFV Community Certificate
  • Certificate 3 and 4 in Fitness


My time at PFT started in early 2008 when Roy bought me in as a junior coach. I had just come out of the AIS and was part of the Melbourne Victory Youth team set up at the time.

I have had the opportunity to be part of two A-League Clubs, Melbourne Victory and Melbourne Heart (at the time), as well as coming through the old elite pathway of the VIS and the AIS.

As far as coaching goes, I am now working at Green Gully Soccer club with the Men’s Senior NPL side, as well as Goalkeeping Coordinator at Eltham Redbacks Soccer Club.

Rani Dowisha

Senior Coach

  • FFV Community Certificate


I started with PFT Ii 2011, and after a bit of a hiatus in 2013, coming back and joining the PFT family was a great decision. Since being back I’ve enjoyed nothing more the integrating with the large and vibrant family.

The vibe around the academy , no matter the location is second to none. that mixed in with a team of great coaches and principles is what makes this academy great. Looking forward to season 2015 and beyond.

Andrew Lightfoot

Senior Coach

  • FFV Community Certificate
  • FFV Community License


I first encountered PFT in 2007 when I met Roy Hunter at a clinic with Eric Steele and soon after commenced with PFT under the guidance of Peter Zois.

After a number of years attending intermittently I began as a coach at the beginning of 2014 and have enjoyed every minute of it since! Working at PFT gives me the chance to work with exceptionally motivated young goalkeepers who are committed to the continuous improvement of all aspects of their game!