The PFT 2021 memberships are now available via the link below.
All new 2021 memberships will be $260.00.
In 2020 – PFT will be back training as soon as the lowering of restrictions allows us. We expect to be offering One on One sessions then group sessions soon after that. PFT will be training in 2020 up to 19th December.
For the 2021 Membership, PFT are offering a great incentive for all new 2021 Memberships registered before 17th Oct 2020:
  • FREE PFT – 15 Years – Gloves 
  • FREE PFT – 15 Years – Hat

Membership Entitlements:

  • PFT STANNO Shirt, Shorts, Training Top, Training Pants and Socks

  • Access to discounted sporting / goalkeeper equipment

  • Priority access to PFT coaching

  • Discounted PFT coaching sessions

  • Priority access to Eric Steele/International coaching clinics

  • Discounted Eric Steele/International coaching clinics

  • Priority access to GK Tours & Camps

  • GK Specific Fitness Tests

  • PFT Newsletter and special events

  • Access to specialist coaches

  • Access to GK Specific Training Programs

  • Eligability for the TK Scholarship

  • Access to regular coaches’ & social functions

  • Assistance given to players in finding clubs both domestically
    and internationally

  • Coaching support and guidance

  • And more


To Register for PFT in 2021 – Please register via the link:
Please call me if you have any questions about the membership or the paymentsRoy Hunter 0424 058 147