It’s time again for the second year of the “TK” KEEPA WARS. Please organise yourself into teams of 3 and compete for the honour of the 2014 “TK” KEEPA WARS CHAMPION!

This year there will be a ROUND ROBIN competition (Like the World Cup) which will each team at least 3 GAMES in their groups before progressing to the next round and then the finals. Great prizes and championship trophy is available to be won. This competition will be held at Latrobe University in Bundoora.

Cost is $60.00 per team ($20.00 per team member) and all funds will go towards the 2014/15 “TK” Scholarship.

Please get your teams organised early and get ready for this BIG DAY of COMPETITION.

Note: this competition is open to ALL GOALKEEPERS, not just PFT members.

For more information and to book your team, please contact Peter Zois on:

Click here for the registration form.