At the PFT 2013 End of Year Dinner, one of the great things on the night was the announcement of the PFT “TK” Scholarship Nominees and the 2013 “TK” Winner.

The PFT coaches nominate members and then meet to discuss who they believe who would be the most worthy scholarship winner.


The “TK” scholarship winner is a person who:

  • Trains hard and works to improve themselves
  • Attends majority of all programed sessions
  • Supports PFT by attending clinics, camps and social events
  • Is a great character and shows great friendship to his peers
  • Work in their own time to improve their skills


PFT is proud to announce the 2013 “TK” Scholarship Winner is:



PFT is also proud to announce the 2013 “TK” Scholarship Nominees;

  • Spencer Porter
  • Liam Kennedy
  • Jasper Lacey
  • Nick Minas
  • James Accadia
  • Marcus Nikolovski
  • Yianni Skiliros
  • Ryan Gauci
  • Kehley Bitzas
  • Ronald Lawrence
  • Cameron Dyer


Special Mention were given out to the following PFT members, acknowledging their efforts in 2013

  • Wyatt Chant
  • Jackson Rogers
  • Luke Garro
  • Jordan Gifkins
  • Julian Cringasu
  • Huw Porter