Due to the demand of specialised coaching in regional Victoria, PFT has just opened regular Specialist Goalkeeper Coaching sessions in Ballarat. PFT has been operating weekly sessions in Geelong in 2010 and has had great success with the groups attending.A new venue in Ballarat has been established to accommodate the demand for quality coaching in… Read More

Premier football Tuition is planning to take a group of Goalkeepers to the UK for a 10 day tour in the April School Holidays 2011. This trip was originally organised for September 2010, but due to a lack of available PFT coaches the trip has now been delayed to April 2011.… Read More

Goalkeeper Coaching is delivered in a female friendly environment with a dedicated instructor. All coaching is structured to a set curriculum aligned to professional clubs in Europe to a UEFA B level.For more information, see the or call Roy Hunter on 0424 058 147 for more information.… Read More

WESTERN ZONE: Caroline Spring / Deer Park Weekly Saturday Morning Sessions Contact Rainer Reber 0416 167 356NORTH WEST ZONE:BundooraWeekly Saturday Morning SessionsContact Roy Hunter 0424 058 147NORTH EAST ZONE:CroydonWeekly Saturday Morning SessionsContact Luke Chant 0433 144 000SOUTH EAST ZONE:Brandon ParkWeekly Saturday Morning SessionsContact Daniel Neesham 0403 703 905GEELONG:Weekly Midweek SessionsContact Rainer Reber 0416 167 356BALLARAT:Weekly… Read More

The Membership prices in 2011 are the same as 2010 and PFT has a new uniform for its membersThe 2011 MEMBERSHIP PACK includes; – Introductory Letter– Member / Parent ‘Code of Conduct’– Price List (Examples Below)– Calender– Registration Form– Disclaimer Form The 2011 Premier Football Membership includes the following:– New PFT ‘STANNO’ Training UNIFORM (Top,… Read More

STANNO is a very well respected brand from Holland that is very popular in Europe and the UK.STANNO has just commenced supplying kits in Australia and PFT will be one of the first football organisations to wear STANNO in Victoria in 2011.STANNO has a great range of gear and originally STANNO only supplied goalkeepers. Apart… Read More

This is a remarkable award for Peter for a seasoned professional who demands the most from himself and his players, both in matches and in training. Peter had a cracking year at South Melbourne in 2010, keeping the club out of the relegation zone.Not withstanding the well deserved honour bestowed on Peter, lets all remind… Read More

NSR Australia is an organisation who place athletes in colleges in the USA. Marco has had huge amounts of success in placing footballers including our very own THOMAS BANFIELD, who in 2009 joined Winthorpe University in North Carolina in the US on a football scholarship. Thomas is also completing a Law degree.Please be aware, there… Read More

From Megan Walsh : Healthy Eating in the Off Season Nutrition in the off-season should focus on well balanced food choices, plenty of vitamins and minerals and ensuring your body is in peak condition for the start of a new season. Food choices should be based around wholegrain breads…Megan Walsh’s Profile… Read More