PFT celebrated a wonderful 2015 with an amazing End of Year lunch at Mardo’s in Port Melbourne.

This annual event caps of the year with PFT where we get our members together to celebrate what we have all achieved in 2015.

The end of year lunch also includes the big event for PFT which is the TK Scholarship and also includes the TK Nominees. We also had a Silent Auction with items organised by Peter Zois and Rani Dowisha.

Some of the milestones over 2015 where;

  • PFT Camp Albury
  • Clinic in April
  • Jack Robinson Visit
  • Clinics in Albury
  • Jack Robinson in Albury
  • Keepa Wars Day
  • Clinics in July
  • Clinics in Chelsea
  • Clinics in Sep
  • Super Sat Sessions
  • Sponsored GK’s
  • And much, much more

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