PFT hosted it’s first ever dedicated 5 day Goalkeeper Camp from the 23rd to 27th Jan 2012.

Thirteen goalkeepers come along for the inaugural camp held in Traralgon in lovely Gippsland.

The structure for the camp was for individual goalkeepers to work on their Pre Season training (two sessions a day), plus the opportunity to show some independence and resilience

In managing their own affairs (breakfast, lunch, dinner, washing and cleaning etc) on a daily basis.

I can honestly say I was very impressed and proud of the group of kids we had, a great effort was shown on and off the pitch.

The camp begun with a mini bus ride from various pick up points to the “Park Lane Caravan Park”. Our members were allocated into cabins (2 cabins of 5 boys and one cabin of 3 girls), plus the coaches cabin for Roy, Rainer and Chris Maynard.

We had a good mix of PFT members from a variety of zones which made a great opportunity for all members to get to know each other and bond.

The camp was organised to primarily to work on Pre Season conditioning for our members. Two sessions daily plus recovery sessions in the pool, two pilates sessions and two Sport Science lectures form Danny Neesham showed the intent of the camp and what we wanted every member to get out of the experience.


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  • You hold special plecas in our hearts too, more than we can ever show! Just look at these four, they love doing this with you! You have captured and saved a moment in time, one we will have forever! They grow and change so fast, but having these to look back on, will always keep this time in our lives close to our hearts!!!! We love you!!!!!!

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