The first ever “TK” Scholarship winner was announced at the PFT End of year dinner in Nov 2012.

Conor Neylon  Was the first ever “TK” Scholarship winner and received the “TK” scholarship award plus the fully paid trip to the UK in April 2013 to train with some professional clubs.


PFT Coaches deliberated for many weeks on who should be nominated and who would be the deserving winner of the 2012 “TK” Scholarship award.

Connor is a very deserving winner of the 2012 Thomas Karras “TK” Scholarship. Connor has shown all the attributes worthy of this award, dedication, punctuality, hard working, practices in his own time, attends sessions and has great character.


Being the 2012 Thomas Karras “TK” Scholarship winner – Conner wins;

  • 2 week trip to the UK – flights fully paid
  • Training at professional football clubs
  • Special visit with Eric Steele – Manchester United
  • “TK” Training Kit
  • PFT Goalkeeper gloves and
  • lots more.

Other awards were given out on the night for other goalkeepers who showed great potential to be in the running for the scholarship

Special Mentions

Matt Banovic / Cameron Butler / Isaac Botros / Ben Johnstone / Julian Cringasu


“TK” Nominations

Anthony Fenech / Branko Skocic / Nathanal Catsoulakis / Rob Mundy / Madj Asad

Jasper Lacey / Yianni Skliros / Jordan Gifkins / Ronald Lawrence


The Karras family was on hand to hand the “TK” scholarship award to the worthy nominee and winner Conor Neylon.

This Scholarship is in the memory of Thomas Karras – 15years old – Always missed and in our hearts.


Do you want to be the 2013 “TK” Scholarship winner? Then start working on your game now, attend ALL THE Sessions in 2013 and show the PFT coaches you have what it takes to be the next big thing!

We would like to thank all PFT members for their efforts in 2012, but especially the names of the people listed above. All these PFT members have shown great dedication and effort in 2012 and for this they have been recognised and rewarded.



Messages from David Coles and Eric Steele for Connor


From David Coles:

 Connor Neylon

 Firstly, a warm welcome to all at the PFT, coaches, parents and of course goalkeepers. It gives me great pleasure to be asked to say a few words on Connor, other than Peter Zois!! Just joking Pete!! I would like to congratulate Roy and the PFT on this prestigious award “The Thomas Karras Scholarship”

 Roy as pointed out to me in e-mails and texts at 5-30am?  Pay back time for me! Connor was actually identified by myself at Trinity Grammar School on my second visit to you. From the reviews I have had from the PFT his progress in the last years have been fantastic hence the award tonight. I would like to congratulate Connor for all the hard work he has put in to training, playing and as you can see the rewards are great if your willing to put the extra effort in to achieve your goals.

 Have a fantastic evening Connor and enjoy your award there is no substitute for hard work and you have shown over the past years you are prepared to do that. Once again well done! As I close to all the parents have a lovely evening with your children you deserve a big pat on the back too for getting them to training and games. Well done you!! Clap!

 And please keep Rainer away from the RED WINE TONIGHT!

 Love to you all Colesy x



From Eric Steele:

Dear All,

I trust Eric the Red finds you all fit and well?

The Dinner is a special occasion this year, as you all deserve credit for your efforts in raising $5000 towards the Scholarship fund.

As a result of your endeavours, I must congratulate Connor Neylon in becoming the first recipient of the Scholarship scheme.

I look forward to meeting up with him on his visit to the UK.

Enjoy your evening.


Eric Steele.



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